Picking a Paving Company

5 Things to know when choosing an block paving contractor

There are many factors that can affect the price and outcome of an block paving project. Choosing the lowest bid is not always the best choice when choosing an Bristol paving company. The following will help you make an informed decision when choosing a paving contractor.

Insurance Coverage:

Just like car insurance, many contractors choose the minimum of insurance required by law. When accidents happen and they are on YOUR property, you want to be protected as much as possible. To be protected, your contractor should have the following insurance:

  • Public liability, Work Insurance
  • What is their minimum policy coverage

Material selection:

Make sure they choose block paving from a reputable supplier. Always choose from the main suppliers and not a company that has no track record. Most manufacturers carry a warranty on their paving products. Make sure to find out what it is and what you can expect for the average lifespan of your paving.

Type of Equipment:

What type of block paving equipment does the contractor have? Is it run down? Do they hire their tools? Machines that breakdown frequently or are not available to hire can delay the completion of your block paving project.

*Avoid hiring anyone that does block paving without screeding and levels by hand. Block paving even though it is permeable will still have surface water that runs on it. A screeded level laying bed will ensure that the excess surface water will drain correctly. Hand leveled sand will have pooling points in it.

Sufficient Crew:

Does the company have an adequate team? A typical block paving team consists of 3-5 workers depending on the size of the job. Being understaffed not only affects the overall outcome of your block paving project, but it can delay the project even further.

*Insurance note: Is everyone on the team covered under the contractor’s policy?

Down Payment:

Unless your paving project is for large amount, You should not be paying any upfront deposit or money during the work. Most reputable paving companies have lines of credit with most material suppliers. They shouldn’t require any deposits from you. It’s unfortunate, but there are contractors out there that use deposits to finish block paving other unfinished paving projects.

Like the old motto says “you get what you pay for”. It helps to think of block paving as a long term investment. Properly installed, block paving can last over 15 years. Saving a few hundred in the short term may cost you thousands of pounds down the road. Make sure you do your research and ask questions to make an educated and informed decision when choosing your paving contractor.