Hong Kong Leader To Discuss With Citizens To Stop Violence

Beijing, Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam will participate next week in the first session of the dialogue with citizens to end the violent protests that currently disturb life of that territory.

Accompanied by senior government officials from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lam will attend the first round of talks on Thursday, October 1, at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, in Wan Chai district, official sources reported.

Last month, Lam expressed her willingness to build a platform for dialogue so that authorities and protesters can start a civilized talk and resolve the instability that has hit the southern China territory for the past three months ago.

Lam said then that her administration will devote all possible efforts to talk with citizens, but rejected the continuation of the violent marches that have caused several wounded, large material damages and uncertainty in the HKSAR.

According to official information, the meeting will have an admission quota of 150 people from the Hong Kong community and those interested can submit their online registration forms until September 23 noon.

The main pillars of growth are suffering great losses, the image of the special administrative region is falling into pieces as one of the world’s best commercial and economic financial centers, unemployment and fear to a recession grow.

For several weeks, HKSAR authorities and the Chinese central government denounce the existence of a separatist agenda as part of the violent protests, which mutated from rejecting the already eliminated extradition law to become riots with social, political and economic demands.

China deplores Washington’s constant attempts to interfere in its internal affairs and denounced the financial support that external forces provide to Hong Kong sectors to stay on the streets and perpetrate violent acts such as those that tarnish the image of the southern territory.