Storms and Winter Damage To Homes

As winter heads into Ireland again we have been seemingly hit by more and more storms in the last couple of years. With storm damage to buildings and homes, leaving people without electric and repair bills that at times can’t be paid for.

Electric is a major component of everyday life and is vital to a basic standard of living. In the media, the storms get hyped up and the damage it inflicts. The pictures are shown for pure entertainment at times.

However what is not shown enough are the people that are deeply affected by it. An elderly person who faces these types of circumstances tend to be ignored in the media. It is a common responsibility that should be highlighted throughout the media.

Simply checking on them, providing help or assistance, even when its only a cup of tea can make a huge difference. There should be a system in place that provides emergency care to people based on priority.

On the other end of the spectrum we have people who are faced with damage to their home. Sometimes its just a small roofing leak but other times its large roof repairs in Dublin. Where does the money come from to help repair it? Insurance company’s are getting more and more difficult to deal with and payment can be protracted.

Schemes need to be set in place to provide support and help given on a case by case basis to people who simply cannot afford the repairs to their roof or are left stranded by their insurance company while they wait for payment.

Always get someone to help when looking at guttering at your home. Its an important function to ensure good maintenance on your gutters and helps to avoid other problems on your roof. For problems with your gutters, we recommend calling a gutter service for advice on fixing them.

Thankfully some repair company’s will help and delay taking payment for work. If you or someone you know has this type of problem, don’t be afraid to explain to the roofer the situation. Getting the roof fixed fast can make a huge difference to family’s that simply have no other choice but to continue living in a house that is damaged.